Tuesday, 19 October 2010

And here's another Hindi Cinema Blog!

Ok, let me finally take the plunge!

No more dallying around, no more evasions. The name and idea of this blog have been around for more than two years now. Ever since Ishaan bunked school and discovered a whole new world on the way. But somehow I could never quite find the right occasion to start. One reason may be that I don't like talking to a void. And I might be quite delusional but I just can't fool myself into thinking the world at large is waiting for exactly my insights. But when has that ever stopped an opinionated chatterbox? So I guess all I needed was a push to start. The feeling that there is somebody out there waiting for me to write something. And this time I know they're there.... and I hope they will indeed materialize with feedback!

So I'll do it. For my Bolly friends on the net space. The ones that helped me find my way into the world of Indian Cinema, the ones who's writings have inspired me to go on looking for more, the ones who's challenges make me question my judgments and the ones who you can share your rants with as much as the utterly silly fangirl joys. And last, but not at all least for those wonderful gems that have become true friends all over the globe and are constantly enriching my world.

And, also because by spreading the word I can in a small way say Thank You! to all those people who give their best to make those films that give me so much pleasure!


  1. SQUEEEEE!!!!!! No no no, you're not talking to a void! I am definitely awaiting your thoughts and delicious metaphors with excitement and a big smile!!! Welcome to the blogging world! (Haha, my turn to welcome you now ;))

    Happy blogging (and even happier fangirling :P)!

  2. Wowwww - once you take the plunge you do it with a vengeance:o). And, just btw, who cares for the world at large? It's the ones in the know that count, chatterboxes deserving a special mention:O). Happy blogging and though we don't always see eye to eye - so what? Adds a bit spice to it if you should happen to ask my humble opinion.
    I do love your banner - or whatever it's called -, so thumbs up on that one for an auspiciuos start.

  3. Welcome to the blogger world, PkG.